Lisa Jackson

Jackson was indicted on a first-degree murder charge and will be extradited to Honolulu, having waived detention and identity
How has mentorship made a difference in your professional and personal life? My dad mentored me, and now he's mentoring my
One of the Obama EPA's earliest promises was to issue coal ash rules. In December 2008 -- just before Obama took office -- an
Like the vested interests Villaraigosa referenced, industrial agriculture is holding fast to the methods of its poisonous assault. But these are issues we can choose to fight at the supermarket. Or at the farmer's market.
Many companies, such as Clorox, have voluntarily switched to safer chemicals, demonstrating that it can be done. But hard-line chemical companies, led by the Koch brothers, have lobbied relentlessly in Washington to prevent reforms.
What were the EPA's motives for doing an about-face on a key multi-year taxpayer subsidized study?
In the Atlantic, NOAA forecasts an active season with 13 to 20 named storms. Seven to 11 of those storms, NOAA said, could actually develop into Category 1 or higher hurricanes.
Jackson will coordinate environmental practices for the company, All Things D reported. “Apple has shown how innovation can
The average American may not be aware of how these sequester cuts will impact the air that they breathe. Perhaps, most surprising to them, would be how the affected programs that reduce air pollution will shape the state of national health for everyone.
A recent investigation appears to connect the dots between shadowy lobbying efforts by shale gas fracking company Range Resources, and the Obama EPA's decision to shut down its high-profile lawsuit against Range for allegedly contaminating groundwater in Weatherford, Texas.
For that reason, the next EPA administrator is likely to continue Jackson's approach, using the endangerment finding and
In neighborhoods and communities across America, people are taking matters into their own hands. Through their individual actions, they're working to keep our air and water clean and leave a healthier future for our kids.
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The minute we see President Obama use the powers of his presidency to end this immoral assault on America is the day we'll know he is ready to deal with a climate spiraling out of control on his watch.
It's smart to back industries like wind, for a number of reasons. First, jobs in clean energy and other green sectors create pathways out of poverty and help American families thrive.
On December 14, the White House is expected to release updated safeguards for soot and other fine particulate matter, requiring coal plants to cut back the amount of soot pollution they pump into our air. The regulations are modest, but would go a long way in making our communities healthier and safe.
Train protected the sanctity of the Everglades and spoke about climate change. So why are people half of Train's age so unwillingly to embrace the need of the environment to be defended?
Fauntroy said he believes that having more people of color in the Senate could shift the discussion over to the high levels