Writer Kelly Barnhill described the terrifying experience of not knowing if her male driver was going to harm her or if he was just trying to charge her more.
The New Mexico congresswoman announced the bill the day of a nationwide ride-share drivers strike.
Drivers with the ride-hailing companies are demanding better pay and working conditions.
You shouldn’t have to do a lengthy safety check, but there are some red flags to look out for.
“We drivers are being exploited and being taken advantage of by these two giant companies,” one ride-hailing company driver said.
The rideshare companies are going the extra mile to drive more Americans to the polls.
The ride-share company is partnering with a bunch of nonprofits to make it happen.
The decision by New York’s City Council is a major blow to the tech companies.
Jason Gargac reportedly filmed more than 700 rides for online audiences without his passengers' knowledge.
Eight out of 10 ride-hailing drivers in LA said they would like to join an organization that would help them press for better pay and working conditions.
After heavy criticism, Uber will now give victims of sexual harassment and assault “control over how they pursue their claims.”
Uber called the methodology and findings of the working paper "deeply flawed."
Commentator Laura Loomer promised legal action against the ride-sharing companies.
Most drivers aren’t prepared for this situation, but they’re in a unique position to save a life.
"This is one of those rare innovations where you can both improve the service and reduce cost at the same time."
Judge Michael Cicconetti is known for his unusual sentencing methods -- and he says they work.