Lynne Peeples on Toxic Tracks

"When you see a superfund site being cleaned, a clean beach or important open spaces like the Wallkill Wildlife Refuge," added
In a prior interview with HuffPost, Ingraffea noted a number of pro-fracking studies that had come out of influential institutions
As McKenna writes, the new film's pitch "captures a frustration" she has felt herself: "the topic is so big, the threat is
The gun range and one of its contractors acknowledged mistakes but said they didn't believe workers were permanently harmed
Meanwhile, a new report concludes that nearly half of surveyed farmers said they have weeds resistant to glyphospate -- the
Frank Maisano, an energy strategist at the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani, was generally unexcited about the climate and energy
Martens of the DEC told the AP that he expects the health commissioner, Nirav Shah, to complete the review in a few weeks
As Hurricane Sandy began to bear down on New York City this past October, I reported on an overlooked and potentially very
U.S. environmental regulators have long assumed that reservoirs located thousands of feet underground will be too expensive
Yoko Ono and Artists Against Fracking Find Out What Fracking Has Done to Pennsylvania from JFOX on Vimeo. People in favor
In other fracking news from the state currently at the center of the natural gas boom... I've met many Pennsylvania residents
Due to a combination of male and female reproductive problems, nearly one in six U.S. couples now struggles to get pregnant
There is still a brief period to voice objections, but Dr David Edwards of the Biotechnology Industry Organization is certain
Founder Eric Husk was a "a dog person without a dog," reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Here's how City Dog Share works
"The entire site was contaminated with asbestos and the people who were doing it were all children," said Clink. "The kids
What we didn't realize at the time was that the real Frankenstein's monster was not GM technology, but our reaction against
"There were two coal miners in the first race (1911), Joseph Frankoviz and Norman Randall," Young told me in an email. "Randall
Natural gas companies are "ramping up" their PR campaigns with the release of Hollywood's controversial new fracking film
Australia, too, is slashing many of its own temperature records. In their case, the heat itself is of greatest concern to
We've long known that lead can damage the developing brain, permanently altering IQ scores and behavior. We've also known