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"It was a family program. Not all families look the same. It’s good that all children see that."
"I cannot imagine being bored enough to watch a parade on television," Teigen once wrote.
According to the latest available report conducted by the National Emergency Medical Services, from 2011, there are estimated
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Muslim and non-Muslim women will be able to purchase hijabs, tops and loose pants on the Macy's website.
They'll undoubtedly get you into the festive spirit.
The retailer said Friday evening that the "capacity-related issue" had been resolved.
If your family is anything like mine, each holiday is always colored by some good, old-fashioned partisan rancor.
The plaintiffs say they were fired when they tried to speak up about the alleged discrimination.
All the best summer merch is officially on sale.
The petition cites the hypocrisy -- and dangers -- of her line being made outside the U.S.