Making It Happen

We often get discouraged in life when we can't stay in our zone of genius, where we feel strong, fulfilled, courageous and at our best.
Reality: the stuff you've been dreaming of, and wondering if you'll ever make happen, can start to become true for you in as little as the next 7 days -- so long as you're willing to make some fast changes.
The Internet has also quickly become the way for up-and-coming artists to get discovered. This has opened the door for many artists who may not live in or near a more metropolitan area.
Is it a normal part of motherhood to "Fake it till you make it," or was this something specific to my wife Nikki?
While entering this endeavor as an educator to help visionaries execute and find success in their respective ventures, I have opened myself up to be educated as well along the way. I began to wonder how this entrepreneurial spirit scaled beyond individuals and created success for larger organizations.
Are you able to build both deeper expertise in your discipline through continual improvements and cultivate completely different ways of approaching challenges?
Most people would tell you to figure out what you do best and stick to it -- that it was the only true recipe for success. But what if what you did best was "evolve?"
Are you someone blessed with dissatisfaction? Are you ready to make what you've already done even take on something even greater?
It takes significant effort and a track record of success, but if you can build platform you can continue to take greater risks and, ideally, drive greater impact than ever before.
How do you make your offer magnetic to as many people as possible without having to build an empire? Ultimately, there are three very simple strategies to help you get scale to massively increase your impact.
The acceleration competency is focused on maximizing success, and we will begin by unpacking how you might create leverage -- how you might get a greater return for the same or even less effort. More for less... who wouldn't want that?
People want the reward of having been their own artisan, but they often lack the adequate time, money, or just sheer mental energy to really execute. What they need is a partner -- somebody who understands their aspiration, and can make it not only feasible, but can make it EASY.
Don't position yourself as the old-fashioned self-motivated sales person knocking on doors. You are a consultant there to help fill gaps with your offer to enable prospective buyers to achieve an aspirational version of themselves.
The ability to appeal to identity is key to influence, and Domtar's use of it to establish themselves as an early moving environmentally friendly paper company helped them to elevate above competition and drive the industry voice!
The overarching theme of this section is "influence." If you recall from my introductory post, I told you that influence was about convincing the market it needed to buy your offer from you.
A few years back I remember hearing a researcher speak on NPR about the relationship between happiness and spending money. We've all heard the old idiom that money is better spent on experiences than things, but this was a psychological study that gave it some real backing.
What really makes people buy? What underpins human decision making? Do we actually have the agency and power to make logic-based choices, or must we surrender to our inherent gut feelings?
The best of the best are creating gaps in their customer's eyes and positioning them in a way that only their specific offer can fulfill. Rather than positioning themselves within the market, they are proactively moving the market to accomplish their needs.
These days, though, it takes more than addressing a current need. Don't just be a band aid and render yourself disposable after a single use! You must help those who you want to buy into your offer to see their problem as only being exacerbated by time.