These charming stories showcase science's most human aspect: men and women who make lucky mistakes that can save lives or
Every Rhino Counts One year after traveling to the other side of the world to meet a mate and contribute to the survival
As with a regular eye, the pineal eye is made up of a cornea, a lens and a retina. Our paired eyes and the reptilian pineal
Bushmeat hunting threatens hundreds of mammal species with extinction and millions of people with food insecurity.
The Cincinnati Zoo's history with giraffe births dates back to 1889 when it became the first zoo in the Western Hemisphere
The first mammals were nocturnal and used whisking movements to orientate in the darkness. Mammals are able to whisk with
I found this possibility intriguing both from a scientific point of view as well as a sci-fi point of view: there are plenty of books out there on zombies and aliens, but what about ancient viruses that thawed from the ice thanks to global warming?
What the results showed But this does not mean that cheetahs in the Maasai Mara are not threatened. Cheetahs face a kaleidoscope