March Of The Machines

Automation is transforming our relationship to work, with estimates it will displace as many as 800 million jobs worldwide. But while machines may be inevitable, the structures we put around them are not. This series asks whether the relentless pace of automation can be managed in a way that doesn't entrench global inequality but instead allows everyone to benefit.

We may not realize it, but retailers are conditioning us to be our own cashiers.
Your next boss could be an algorithm
Our belief in the everlasting creation of new work is one of history’s all-time utopian dreams.
Automation may put millions of garment workers in the developing world out of a job.
Tech is created by humans, and it’s vulnerable to our biases and stereotypes.
Robots put jobs on the line and threaten a rise in income inequality, experts say.
And it's getting millennials interested in farming.
“A job that was taken by a robot 30 years ago ... is not coming back."