Opponents seized on problems with existing medical marijuana regulations and crime in the campaign to stop full legalization.
The state has become “the most liberal medical marijuana market in the country,” but concerns over lax regulation could sink the recreational legalization effort.
As marijuana has become legal in an increasing number of U.S. states, accidental ingestions of THC among children have surged.
This research — which is about cannabis, but actually centers mental health — sheds light on the complexity of identifying as bisexual.
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“I couldn’t believe it,” Cher said of Nelson's weed-laden tour bus. “I mean, it was a terrible old bus, but he was great. And just drugs — everywhere.”
Lawmakers couldn’t even agree to approve a modest bill allowing cannabis businesses access to banking.
Colorado has released the world's first ever market study of legal marijuana sales, and Coloradans are smoking a lot more pot than first expected. So how do recreational and medical prices compare? Can legal pot prices compete with the black market?
As of Thursday, it’s lawful for adults to possess and use marijuana in Missouri.
The Republican leader said congressional Democrats should not include a bipartisan measure related to cannabis in a defense spending bill.