The now-sober "Jackass" alum recently asked Maher to refrain from smoking weed while he appeared on Maher's podcast.
The authors of a bipartisan law loosening restrictions on medical marijuana research say federal agencies have refused to comply.
Many stressed they don’t want “this rescheduling or any new federal regulations harm the existing market for both hemp and cannabis products nationwide.”
The federal agency had long considered weed to be as dangerous as heroin.
"The guy with glazed eyes neglected to tell me that the beginning dose should be no larger than half of a grain of rice."
Twenty-one Democrats urged the Drug Enforcement Administration to deschedule weed and "resolve more than 50 years of failed, racially discriminatory marijuana policy."
"Smoking as much flower as you possibly can proves to still be the unique consumption trend on 420," one person in the bud business said.
Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Bob Marley are just some of the nominees mentioned by cannabis insiders.
The "Civil War" actor said he and his friends were "just these innocent, dumb theater kids" at the time.