“I don’t have a weapon on me,” said the man, who can be seen holding his hands up as officers force him to the ground.
Tucker Carlson went off on his Fox News show after Sen. Bernie Sanders said he wanted to legalize marijuana.
The Fox News host's attack on Bernie Sanders gets weird in a hurry.
The talk show host got a perfect score identifying stoned pedestrians in Hollywood.
State officials called Jan. 1 "a historic new day" as people spent millions on newly legalized recreational cannabis.
Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced the expungements on Tuesday, one day before recreational cannabis became legal in Illinois.
The landmark decision has reignited a debate in the country about the use and legalization of marijuana.
"They treat us like animals," he said of police searching his car while he performed in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Brothers Oren and Ronen Levy said they plan legal action against the NYPD after their shipment of legal hemp was confiscated.
The country singer and weed advocate cited past lung abuse for the surprising move.
The Republican supports a bill to legalize the drug nationally.
The former vice president is still worried marijuana is a “gateway” drug, even though scientists have found no solid evidence to support that claim.
The senator may have had the line of Wednesday night's presidential debate while criticizing Biden for his opposition to legalizing marijuana.
The MORE Act passed with bipartisan support in the House Judiciary Committee.
“There’s not nearly been enough evidence" on whether marijuana leads to other drug use, he said.
Vermont police had cleared the shipment as legal, Oren Levy of Green Angel CBD said.
The raids netted more than 950,000 plants from nearly 350 growing operation sites this year through the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting program.
The patient snorted a cannabis-filled balloon before going into prison and thought he had swallowed it, doctors said.