Mark Cuban

"Since when is a desire to end racism an insult to anyone or political?" the Mavericks owner tweeted after the Texas senator insulted Black Lives Matter.
The Dallas Mavericks owner said people who don't want athletes kneeling before the flag should instead ask their bosses why they don’t play the national anthem every day before starting work.
"You and every Fox News interviewer gives him the easiest questions and he can’t answer them. Why is that, Sean?" asked the "Shark Tank" star.
Billionaire investor Mark Cuban endorsed the former vice president on Fox News.
The "Shark Tank" star compared Trump and Biden's thoughts on running the country.
“I need all of us to really open up and talk to each other, even when it’s difficult,” Cuban said during a speech.
The billionaire investor tells Sean Hannity that Trump hasn't shown any leadership.
"This can't be true," the gobsmacked Dallas Mavericks owner said after seeing news of the coronavirus-inspired cancellation on his phone.
Sports history tells us player pay isn’t about revenue, it's about the choices made by the league's leadership.
An NBA investigation finds "numerous instances of sexual harassment and other improper workplace conduct" in the Dallas team's organization over two decades.