Mark Zuckerberg

President Donald Trump has now been banned from the livestreaming platform Twitch and has seen Twitter take steps to flag his misleading tweets.
The company's decision also extends to Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.
The groups in the “#StopHateforProfit" campaign say the social network isn’t doing enough to curtail racist and violent content on its platform.
In an open letter, the Democratic presidential candidate asked Facebook to ensure that the rules “applied to everyone, including Donald Trump."
The page, titled "Will They Suspend Me," is an extension of a similar experiment on Twitter that saw its content deleted and then reinstated within a day.
More than 140 scientists funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative say Facebook impedes the goal of an “inclusive, just, and healthy future.”
The Facebook CEO's refusal to remove one of President Trump's most egregious posts led to outrage from civil rights leaders and a virtual employee walkout.
The phrase "has no history of being read as a dog whistle for vigilante supporters to take justice into their own hands," the Facebook CEO said on a leaked call with staff.
"Facebook, complicit in the propagation of weaponized hatred, is on the wrong side of history," Timothy Aveni said.
"We are disappointed and stunned by Mark's incomprehensible explanations," the group said after the call with the Facebook CEO.