Mark Zuckerberg

All 100 senators were invited. The public was not.
Elon Musk says he may need to get surgery before a proposed “cage match” with Mark Zuckerberg.
The two tech billionaires seemingly agreed to a “cage match” face-off in late June.
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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed Threads reached 100 million sign-ups this weekend.
Musk literally challenged Zuckerberg to a "dick measuring contest" after the blockbuster launch of Threads, Meta's Twitter rival.
Some people are refusing to sign up for Meta's Twitter replacement app, Threads. Here's why — and what experts say about it.
But the Facebook parent company is pushing back, saying in a statement that Twitter's allegation is "just not a thing."
UFC President Dana White said the rival billionaires are “dead serious” about this cage match.