Twitter users were disappointed to learn that police had not discovered a glut of outer space watermelons.
Ingenuity, the first aircraft to make a powered flight on another planet, began tilting back and forth and suffered power spikes.
China's rover will stay in the lander for a few days of diagnostic tests before rolling down a ramp to thr icy Utopia Planitia area on Mars.
An experimental device called MOXIE successfully converted some of the red planet's carbon dioxide into enough oxygen to sustain a human for 10 minutes.
The mini 4-pound copter named Ingenuity achieved the first powered, controlled flight on another planet.
You'll want to use your headphones for these clips.
The lake is estimated to be 12 miles to 18 miles across and buried 1 mile beneath the icy surface.
The space agency unveiled its Artemis Plan to reestablish a presence on the moon "in preparation for human exploration of Mars."