The lander’s power levels have been dwindling for months because of all the dust coating its solar panels, but the team will keep trying to make contact with it, just in case.
Samples from the Red Planet are expected back on Earth sometime in 2033.
"This was before the last three, or whatever it was," Cuban said while recalling a text exchange with the billionaire father of nine.
We've never even set foot on the planet.
The filmmaker wore a necklace that was out of this world to watch the Celtics' fourth-quarter comeback squash the Warriors.
The Ingenuity chopper shows a new perspective on last year's nail-biter landing.
Footage shows the Martian moon Phobos crossing the sun in about 40 seconds, which NASA notes is much shorter than a typical solar eclipse on Earth.
The “most powerful camera ever sent to another planet" reveals incredible detail.
Nasa has released incredible footage of their Perseverance rover landing on the surface of Mars. The celebrations can be heard as the robot's wheels made contact with the ground.
The U.S. Navy confirmed it has more information on a UFO sighting that the public can’t see.