His rant about a McDonald's fish sandwich earned him a McMocking.
The McPlant will be put into test in 2021 on a market-by-market basis.
Donald Trump touted his business savvy as his qualification to be both host of “The Apprentice” and president of the United States. Now, The New York Times has revealed he’s debt-ridden and hemorrhaging cash.
The change, intended to check the spread of the coronavirus, goes into effect Aug. 1.
Employees of the fast-food giant want better protective gear, guaranteed paid leave and hazard pay during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Workers in Chicago and L.A. claim the fast-food giant didn’t provide adequate protection and workers weren’t told when staff tested positive for COVID-19.
Gloricia Woody of Oklahoma City got into a confrontation with restaurant employees after being told about its social distancing measures.
A spokesperson for the fast-food giant said the Guangzhou restaurant had been temporarily closed and staff will undergo training.
As workers pleaded for coronavirus safety supplies, Los Angeles McDonald's locations posted a calendar of fun activities.
The senator wants companies to do the right thing and make sick leave easily accessible during the coronavirus emergency.