A McDonald’s Employee Shares Some Interesting Tea About McDonald’s
He's definitely not ready to say goodbye to the cult-favorite sandwich from McDonald's.
The officer, who had been with the San Antonio Police Department for seven months, was fired following the incident.
"Hey DQ! Wanna have a sign war," one McDonald's restaurant asked a nearby Dairy Queen.
A civlil rights organization alleges that restaurant employees deliberately put bacon on a fish sandwich that a Muslim woman had ordered for one of her children.
"I thought I’d locked the phone, but apparently I didn’t because then DoorDash came with 31 cheeseburgers."
Don Gorske has eaten a Big Mac almost every day for 50 years ― more than 32,000 as of last August.
McDonald’s says it's started the process of selling its Russian business, which includes 850 restaurants that employ 62,000 people.
The "golden arches" arrived in Moscow in 1990, and became an iconic symbol of American capitalism as the Soviet Union fell.