Meatless Monday

The nation's largest school system hopes to improve student health and curb environmental effects.
The popularity of new items like vegan pizzas and a DIY wok bar have surprised even the dining staff. "Initially this promotion
Social justice is central for Hershaft, a holocaust survivor. His activism has been shaped by two Singers -- Princeton philosopher
Paella is traditionally meant to feed many. The Italians call it risotto, the Spanish, paella. There are similarities and differences, of course, such as the smoky paprika and saffron in paella, and the parmesan and creamy nature of risotto.
Before there was PETA, PCRM, Farm Sanctuary, Vegan Street and Meatless Monday, there was Farm Animal Rights Movement. Now
Embrace the rainbow food craze with this healthy recipe that will make you abandon food coloring for good.
Being a vegan is not a decision that should be made carelessly.
Going raw is something a lot of people have approached me about. "How did you do it?" "What inspired you?" they often ask
A miraculous meatless Monday microwave meal!
Experts say an oversupply of chicken, not increased demand, is to blame.
Forget healing and nutrient-dense -- a plant-based diet can be downright indulgent. Along the river trail one day, I spotted
Meat. In America, the suggestion that our health and the Earth's might benefit from our eating less of it is almost as hot-button a topic as religion or politics.
Meatless meals can also mitigate the risk for early death. Another study found that people younger than 65 who ate the most
Joni Ernst considers lunch a matter of national security.
Getting your kids to eat veggies can be a little difficult. So at the Hollis Household we decided to have Meatless Mondays
Wash all the veggies thoroughly Peel, dice, and chop the vegetables (Use your judgement on how much your kid can help you
It's supposed to be a teaching manual for home cooks. Read the first chapter, that's the the most important thing, and then