Health and Medical Technology

Over 250,000 health apps are currently available with over 10,000 devoted to mental health. These apps claim to offer emotional
In both examples, the difference tech makes can involve serious health issues, and certainly affect a patient's quality of
Several leaps have been made in our health care industry over the last two decades and technology is considered to be the driving force behind most of these improvements.
Things you don’t hear anymore: “Let’s hail a cab.” “I’ll run down to the bookstore.” “Did Dad show you the prints from my
It's always a good time to make money. The only problem is, you need to know what markets are doing well right now. When you know where a market is headed, you'll make much better trading decisions.
It is a common misperception that the U. S. has the best health care in the world, another example of "American exceptionalism." By constant repetition over many years, this myth has become a meme, a part of our language without regard to its merit.
Only a portion of the public's health -- a consensus pins it at 20% -- is attributable to genetics. The other significant
Pity the poor student geek. Their classmates are hanging out, messaging friends, or maybe playing on the soccer team. The school aged geeks, however, are driven by coding and tinkering. Although more and more schools are creating robotics or coding clubs, high tech endeavors made by students are often very lonely pursuits.
Utilized for cost cutting. As many healthcare companies attempt to cut costs, look for the popularity of telemedicine - which
The system was put through its paces alongside both registered doctors and nurses, and scored better than both in the accuracy
Whether you call it meditation, mindfulness, or just doing nothing -- adding stillness to your life will naturally rebuild your ability to pay attention.
Sometimes we can be our own worst critics! I can't tell you how often I've heard people say that fewer Catholics attend Church anymore.
Stay tuned. Are you Future Ready for what's coming next in medicine? Extreme future scenarios--from the rebuilding of minds
Much like technology, this disease of addiction is constantly evolving. So should the way we face it -- together.
Stethoscope became the gold standard for many years in detection of murmurs, irregular heart rhythms, or abnormal heart sounds
5. Improved attention: Disable notifications What's best about practicing yoga from home is the lack of effort required to
What do the travel, banking, taxi, journalism and retail sectors all have in common? They have all had their business models completely disrupted by hungry and innovative tech entrepreneurs.
The trade embargo is holding up research in some crucial areas.
1) Put the CHO at the center of marketing-communications strategy. Women experience famines of knowledge, time, and trust