There was a situation in the Situation Room and unwelcome diners in a mess hall.
Weird News
Somebody in this story smelled a rat.
Good News
They never would have found the abandoned critters if it weren't for the game.
GPS for the Soul
That day is a constant reminder that things can change in an instant. I made plans, but even with low, safe expectations, things did not go as expected. All I can truly control is how I react, whether I cower and hide, or become bold and take charge. Whether I burst out in tears or in laughter.
A popular soy sauce brand has been engaging in torturous animal research to back up health claims it makes about its products
New York
At 4:30 pm the small manufacturers downstairs closed shop. I was to be the only human in the building at night, a fact that frightened my friends, but I loved it and felt I had the best deal in New York.
Humerous experiments on male and female non-human animals fail to reliably hold up in humans, and many prominent researchers have argued we need to develop non-animal models in order to learn more about serious diseases from which numerous humans suffer.
If Hollywood wants to make another "Home Alone" movie, this time with the Macaulay Culkin character all grown up but no more mature than he was as an 8-year-old in the 1990 original, I would be happy to take the role.
Post 50
We are in danger. We need to get out of this house and away from the cat. He is a psychopath. Did you see what he did to that mouse? Torture and dismemberment are activities associated with antisocial personality disorders. And he exhibits no remorse or guilt. He's not right in the head.
The rats/mice/birds exclusion intentionally obfuscates the true numbers of animal used in research. And, it lends credence to the claims of animal rights groups that research institutions have something to hide.
“It’s like they make more effort to bring the female nearby. Once she’s within reach, the game is already won and they focus
We surely can do better in protecting all of these sentient beings, and the time is now to amend, write, and stringently enforce legislation for better protecting them and the millions of other animals from being brutalized in "the name of science, food, entertainment, and fashion."
Keep an eye out, Chicago. The Windy City was the most rat-infested city in the country in 2013, according to pest-control company Orkin. The company based its rankings on the number of rat-eradication service requests it received in specific cities.
Los Angeles
If you're from Southern California you are surely aware we live among millions of mice and tree rats. On any given night you can see them scurrying across power lines, running from telephone pole to telephone pole.