The Marines were attached to the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, based at nearby Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego.
Trump was recorded talking to Sen. James Inhofe about keeping Lee's name at military sites, and The New York Times got the tape.
The weapons bazaar galled Democrats who are seeking funds for items such as food aid and mail-in voting.
The White House issued a formal veto threat to the National Defense Authorization Act because it renames Army bases that honor Confederate traitors.
The Trump administration is planning to send more militarized federal officers into U.S. cities.
The president told Fox News "I don't care what the military says" when asked why he is pushing against their efforts to rename the bases.
The Pentagon banned the racist flag at military institutions, with a carefully worded policy doesn’t mention the word ban or that specific flag.
Gen. Mark Milley labeled Confederate leaders as treasonous and signaled his support for renaming bases.
The unidentified woman will join one of the all-male Green Beret teams, capping a years long campaign to move women into the military’s front-line combat jobs.
Roughly 700 members of the 82nd Airborne Division were sent to two military bases near in response to protests there over police brutality.