Military Families

An error in the GOP tax law has brought new attention to an old problem for military families.
A decades-old law makes already tragic situations infuriating for expectant parents.
Following weeks of rampant rumors about her "disappearance," the first lady attended a Monday reception honoring military families with President Trump.
“I belong here. I have family here. That’s where I should be. This is my home.”
After Vice President Mike Pence bumps him in the face, this kid stops at nothing to get an apology.
“We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”  ~ Winston S. Churchill
Lastly, know that your donations to and purchases from local Goodwill organizations go toward supporting our continuing efforts
Hey, I believe in supporting veterans, service members, and their families year round. They deserve a lot more credit than
When you're a brat you have memories and friends literally all over the world. There's a sense of homeless-ness about it.
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