minimum wage

The U.S. Agriculture Department's decision to suspend a farm labor survey could lead to lower minimum wages in the fields.
Starting next year, drivers must be paid at least $16.39 per hour in addition to their basic expenses.
A new regulation will make it harder for workers to sue big brands over wage claims.
From marijuana legalization in Illinois to data privacy protection in California, legislation is bringing big changes across the country in the new year.
Even as more Americans have jobs, many of these pay low wages, making it hard for families to get by.
The proposals include ending a minimum wage loophole, improving education for disabled students and implementing Social Security reforms.
The Labor Department acknowledges in an analysis that its new proposal on tipped workers might accomplish just that.
"Our members are still waiting for the supposed greatness of this economy to reach their kitchen tables," Richard Trumka told Chris Wallace on Fox News.
Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker said the new law, which aims to reach the $40,000 salary minimum by 2023-24, will help address the teacher shortage.
The Washington governor says his state has proved putting workers first is good for the economy.