minimum wage

"I met people across the country, from Appalachia to Oakland, who worked multiple jobs, had multiple roommates, and still could not reliably pay all of their bills each month."
The new law also makes fashion brands more accountable for wage theft committed by subcontractors in L.A. garment factories.
The last hike came early in former President Barack Obama’s first term.
At local minimum wage rates, a worker would have to put in 79 hours a week, nearly two full-time jobs, to afford a modest one-bedroom rental, a report finds.
The president's plan will hike the federal government's wage floor significantly in 2022.
Senate Democrats have had little success finding agreement among themselves on how much to increase the federal minimum wage.
Dan Price of Gravity Payments said revenue has tripled since he cut his own annual salary of $1 million to $70,000.
Top Senate Democrats will huddle on Tuesday in an attempt to unify around a path toward hiking the federal minimum wage.
Sen. Bernie Sanders tried to force a vote on the proposal, which died on procedural grounds.
Support for increasing the minimum wage to $15 was near-universal among Democrats.