minimum wage

The plan from Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton offers a wage well below what Democrats are seeking, and has major implications for undocumented workers.
The West Virginia Democrats held a private meeting with workers and anti-poverty activists campaigning for a $15 minimum wage.
The Arizona lawmaker is the second Democratic senator to oppose the proposal, likely killing the push in Congress.
The vast majority of Democrats want to put a pay hike in the pandemic relief bill. All the evidence is in their favor.
An estimated 27 million workers would see raises, though there would be 1.4 million fewer jobs.
The West Virginia Democrat left the door open for an $11 minimum wage.
The president's embrace of a higher minimum wage for federal contractors is a testament to the Fight for $15 ― and to his own evolution on executive power.
They control all the levers of power, but have no room for error.
The coronavirus is forcing restaurant servers, delivery people and others to work under dangerous conditions. Here's what to tip them.
The activist discusses why we should eliminate the tipped minimum wage and guarantee the federal minimum wage to all restaurant workers.