minimum wage

"Our members are still waiting for the supposed greatness of this economy to reach their kitchen tables," Richard Trumka told Chris Wallace on Fox News.
Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker said the new law, which aims to reach the $40,000 salary minimum by 2023-24, will help address the teacher shortage.
The Washington governor says his state has proved putting workers first is good for the economy.
A rare partnership between a sports arena and a nonprofit is helping a vulnerable population score employment — and they’re thriving.
The workers, who prepare in-flight meals and snacks, are demanding a minimum wage of $15 and threatening to go on strike.
The bill is headed nowhere in the Senate, but it shows the muscle behind the Fight for $15.
It's been more than a decade since Congress passed an increase to the federal wage floor.
Republicans will highlight the projected job losses, but backers of a $15 wage floor say the benefits exceed the costs.
The 'Out of Reach' report shows the housing crisis is hitting renters hard, especially those earning the minimum wage.
Exotic dancers deal with harassment, discriminatory labor practices and club owners who find devious ways to limit their pay. Here's a look inside the battle to unionize stripping.
The senator and 2020 hopeful also spoke in support of a proposal to put an hourly employee on Walmart's corporate board.
Several 2020 contenders plan to join the fast-food employees in Fight for $15 protests this week when the chain's shareholders meet.
That makes it the fourth state just this year to sign off on $15.
New research highlights the high stakes of economic inequality, and its particular impact on women.
The Labor Department decision bodes well for companies that don't want minimum wage and other rules to cover their workers.
The party's House caucus remains split on several key issues: Trump's taxes, the minimum wage and spending.
A new proposal, backed by a handful of members, would set wage floors on a regional basis, rather than create a national minimum of $15.
The New York congresswoman told the Texas senator the GOP's policies treat people as disposable.
The bill would increase the state’s minimum wage from the current $10.10 per hour to $15 by 2025 for companies with 15 or more workers.