Money Market Funds

* Policymakers eye curbs on 'alphabet soup' of non-bank activity The study by the FSB said shadow banking around the world
Progress is also slow on cutting the financial sector's reliance on credit ratings for investment decisions or for calculating
* Bair renews backing for ideas like ending $1 per share The ongoing debate comes four years after one of industry's best
Thing Six: Government Tries To Stop Internet From Creeping On Kids: The kids aren’t alright, at least according to the Federal
Making recommendations would give the SEC a second chance, but will not solve the stability problem if there aren't three commissioners who are willing to accept them.
The FSOC could formally dub certain individual large funds or possibly fund managers as systemically important, which would
BOSTON, Aug 13 (Reuters) - Sponsor support likely kept at least 21 money market funds from "breaking the buck" during the
For 50 million investors and the multitude of municipalities, corporations and other entities which depend on money market funds for efficient funding, it is crucial to set the record straight.
Schapiro said those prior reforms were important, but still fall short of what is needed. Securities and Exchange Commission
Would you take money that your daughter needs for braces and make a short term loan to a Wall Street firm? Probably not, but if you've put your ready cash in a prime money market fund, those are the kinds of places where your money may be sitting now.