Money Market Funds

Another example is a repurchasing agreement, or repo, where a player such as a hedge fund could sell government bonds it
* G20 sets deadline to reduce reliance on credit ratings The FSB is struggling to keep on track implementation of a whole
"While I commend responsible members of the industry for trying to find solutions, I am concerned that gates coming down
And while Americans are living in an economy that requires an aggressive Fed move to give it a boost, it doesn't seem to
Making recommendations would give the SEC a second chance, but will not solve the stability problem if there aren't three commissioners who are willing to accept them.
* Treasury says consulting with regulators on next steps FSOC has mainly focused on improving regulation of the largest banks
A spokeswoman for the fund industry's main trade group, the Investment Company Institute, said leaders were not immediately
For 50 million investors and the multitude of municipalities, corporations and other entities which depend on money market funds for efficient funding, it is crucial to set the record straight.
"As a regulator who saw the damaging effects of the 2008 run on money market funds, I find it hard to remain on the sidelines
Would you take money that your daughter needs for braces and make a short term loan to a Wall Street firm? Probably not, but if you've put your ready cash in a prime money market fund, those are the kinds of places where your money may be sitting now.
"As soon as you introduce a floating NAV (net asset value), demand for the product is going to plummet," said Mary Beth Fisher
Because rates are so low, many custody banks today are less eager to attract new business or are more aggressive about insisting
Strains in money funds re-emerged over the summer on concerns about their holdings of commercial paper issued by troubled
Despite efforts on the part of the White House and the Federal Reserve to encourage borrowing and spending, many consumers
But again, the outcome isn't certain. Other commentators have said that in order to induce a sell-off, the downgrade would
LESS ANXIOUS Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions. "The nearly $4 trillion in their money market funds
Do you believe Wall Street is too elite to use the tactics of common thugs? Well, think again.
The Fed's balance sheet has increased to $2.25 trillion from $925 billion at the start of 2008 and excess reserves in the banking system now total more than $1 trillion.
The Fed and the Treasury have to take the training wheels off the wobbly financial system without tipping it back into chaos.