The U.N. health agency said it's discussing renaming the virus.
The monkeys — who target children and the elderly — are trying to snatch babies, biting and clawing at flesh, and sneaking into nursery schools.
All 100 of the cynomolgus macaque monkeys have been accounted for, but three were euthanized.
The Barbary macaques spent the day lolling in the sun near a forest before being recaptured.
The animal rights group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals lobbied retailers not to sell coconut milk allegedly harvested by chained primates.
The trio of older women and their air guns have won lots of fans on Twitter.
Eyewitnesses reportedly saw one of the monkeys chewing on a sample collection kit at the top of a tree.
The internet went ape watching a money rip open the bank machine outside a Delhi branch of the State Bank of India.
The male baboon was en route to a vasectomy procedure with two females in tow to keep him calm, authorities said.