The coffin is one of two found at the burial site by a French-led team.
Discovery of the 2,000-year-old death mask is "a sensation," an expedition leader said, because most Egyptian dignitaries' tombs were looted in ancient times.
The mummy's reconstructed voice is eerily lifelike.
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It's all about paying respect and preserving a tradition.
Below are some highlights of these two amazing trips. I highly recommend both travel options as you don't want to miss seeing
The embalmed heart of a French knight showed signs of atherosclerosis.
After the spectacle that was the viewing, Elena's corpse was eventually returned to Key West Cemetery, to an unmarked grave
While on an expedition to find the Northwest Passage in 1846, English officer John Torrington succumbed to complications
A 3,500-year-old mummy is changing the way scientists think about heart disease.
LiveScience reports that 120 Chinchorro mummies are currently housed at the University of Tarapacá’s archeological museum
Further analysis of the body could “enhance our understanding of how the various lineages of Buddhism that originated in
The researchers say the fake mummies are probably the product of the "mummy mania" that hit 19th Century Europe in the wake
While our developed nation continues to tolerate wood-burning, smoke pollution gets attention in poor countries.