My First Million

"I got a job at a recycling place, collecting cans to turn them in for redemption value, then eventually got a job working
The store's offerings have expanded far beyond candy -- Lauren has established a lifestyle brand and offers candy-themed
"Experiencing all this success, I was very ambitious and said, 'How do I take this to the next level? How do I expand?' I
"We continue to build products that we need for ourselves, which means we focus on doing just a few things. It seems everyone
"When I was in college, I fell in love with a woman from Vietnam. After quitting my job, I followed her there in 1972. I
"Our company, The Corcoran Group, was always smaller than the public thought we were, and the reason for that is we had a
The original version of this article appeared on AOL Small Business on 3/14/11. "In 1977, I borrowed $1,000 on my credit
"We were riding the wave of the technology of the era -- 800 calling -- but we knew we had changed the way the floral industry
"In those first two years when I was getting Spanx made, there was just a lot of hearing the word 'no,' a lot of frustration
Wilson: We liked the name "Gilt" because there's a play on words with guilty pleasures -- shopping is notoriously a guilty