My First Million

"I definitely love art. My whole family is artistic. My dad's a designer, my brother's a filmmaker, my grandfather was a
The original version of this article appeared on AOL Small Business on 5/26/10. "Back in 1999, Carlos was watching an episode
"Eventually, as the situation within the country began to deteriorate, I left with my wife and her family. After getting
"My sons are talented software developers, so they came to work for me. The plan was to find a little niche and sell it to
"We've been at it now for 34 years, and when I could make payroll without sweating every week, I had the suspicion that it
"$5,000 was my savings from selling fax machines door to door and my budget for Spanx and that's what I launched the business
Maybank: We used to attend the sample sales in New York at odd hours during the day -- that informed the idea. Plus, the
"It was such a weird, evolutionary process. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, but both my parents were entrepreneurs
Erickson: Growing up, there were so many times I wanted to start my own business. When I worked at a ski shop or a restaurant