Neil Armstrong

Kraft created NASA’s Mission Control and made split-second white-knuckle decisions from the first daring Mercury mission to the triumphant moon landings.
Sen. Marco Rubio and the guy Buzz Aldrin punched in the face have a strange thing in common.
The new movie about the moon landing is basically a star-spangled orgy. Even without the flag-planting scene.
It appears that nothing is immune from being boycotted this week.
The space agency hasn't confiscated the dust, but it has reportedly seized lunar materials from citizens before.
Currently, she's a UFO: An underappreciated feline orbiter.
Star Trek, the television series was launched. The USS Enterprise, piloted by William Shatner, playing Captain James T. Kirk rocketed into space. In the first episode, Captin Kirk and his team beam down to the surface of planet M-113 where they encounter Dr. Robert Crater and his wife Nancy, who claim they only need 'salt tablets'. The plot only gets more complicated,and more exciting, after that.
Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton your children are adults now, living in a world where the incidence rates of cancer continue to rise. I believe that by placing greater emphasis on childhood cancer we can make a significant impact on all cancer as a whole. Isn't it worth an hour of our time?
47 years ago [20th July 1969] one giant leap for mankind was taken. Was it the direct result of President Kennedy's challenge to put a man on the moon before the decade was out?
He shared some of his favorite memories from the mission.
On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon. Six hours later, on July 21, they stepped out onto the lunar surface, the first humans to do such a thing.
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