NASA: "This is the best measurement of water to date on an exoplanet of this size."
Scientists are working to explain the strange orbit.
The high-pressure system is accompanied by bright "companion clouds."
For centuries though we have wondered if there could be a tenth planet out beyond Pluto. Well, the debate was actually settled back in 2005 when a tenth planet, (or ninth if you don't believe Pluto is a planet), was indeed found.
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The planet -- which would have been our solar system's fifth giant -- had a bumpy ride on its way out, scientists say.
The miniature world -- some 30 light-years from Earth -- could have exotic features like diamond rain and scorching hot oceans.
The problem, as with most astronomical phenomena, is the huge timescales in which things happen. We therefore rely on supercomputers to feed them data and get simulations which show us what happens in thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or billions of years.
New computer modeling backs up the tiny rocks theory of planet formation.