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New relationship. The iPhone 7 plus plus plus! New boxing gloves. Gym membership. Magazine subscription. Snapchat account
Even poorer are 'social skills' (this one's international)!! A 'like' on Facebook or a 'heart' on Instagram or a fleeting
Networking events can feel like high school dances. Some packs of people who know each other stick together in cliques, never
This article first appeared on In the Silicon Valley, many senior leaders are introverted—in fact, many more
Basically, going back into the professional world was my full-time job. After three months, I had established a "professional
Above all, remember that your attitude underscores everything you do. So anticipate the best, exude a mixture of professionalism
First, accept the fact that many of those business cards collecting dust on your desk don't represent true prospects. If
From boosting their chances of future success and honing their communication skills to becoming more comfortable talking with adults and thinking of how they can serve others, building an effective network at any age comes with too many perks to ignore.