North Carolina Coal Ash Spill

We all know that North Carolina's Gov. Pat McCrory hastily signed HB2 only to acknowledge that pre-existing state law discrimination
* Says could reach settlement in "next several days" The company, which sells power to 7.2 million customers in North Carolina
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said in a call with reporters that she believes the new rules "will provide the web of protection
The BP spill should have been a wake-up call for elected officials and organizations tasked with responding to this type of disaster, but it seems like those in charge of protecting our waters have learned nothing.
The Charlotte Observer created an interactive map of Duke Energy's 14 active and retired power plants in NC, listing for
That proposed settlement has been on hold since the spill. In a letter dated Feb. 20, DENR notified a judge that it may move
The Associated Press first obtained a copy of a grand jury subpoena that the U.S. attorney’s office in Raleigh issued requesting
The state's Department of Environment and Natural Resources said it would continue to evaluate whether the water was safe