Nuclear Power

Atomic power netted nearly $7 billion from recent legislation, but experts say far more is needed to compete with Russia and bolster a costly but vital alternative to fossil fuels.
The self-governing island faced major outages the last time reactors went offline.
After 14 years and billions of dollars in cost overruns, the first of only two reactors under construction in the U.S. began the long-awaited process of starting up.
It comes as the U.S. has warned Russia could drag the war out for years, without the strength to launch a major offensive.
There's enough energy in spent uranium fuel to power the U.S. for over a century, but recycling waste was a challenge even in America's atomic glory days.
An exclusive Q&A with Ma Ying-jeou, the controversial former president from the opposition party to the current government.
The self-governing island plans to shut down its last atomic power stations by 2025, threatening more emissions and greater vulnerability to a blockade by China.
Researchers just got closer than anyone has before to replicating the reaction that fuels the sun — but you might not want to get overly excited just yet.
Can building the first atomic energy station in the only major Central European country without one help revive the ailing U.S. nuclear industry?
Ukraine’s nuclear energy operator said Russian forces have carried out secret construction work over the last week at the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.