Ocean Pollution

And they have a plan to dramatically reduce plastic pollution by 80% by 2040.
But the industry’s political lobbying during the pandemic has been a smashing success.
America loves ordering in, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. But our hunger for convenience could bury the planet in trash.
Environmental activists are sounding the alarm as city streets become littered with masks and gloves, and single-use plastics get a new lease on life.
A coastal town in England achieved "plastic free" accreditation in 2017, since then over 100 other communities have done the same.
Solving the pollution problem requires much more than just banning single-use plastics.
Kenya has harsh penalties for those caught manufacturing, selling, importing or using single-use plastics, yet the country still struggles to reduce its waste.
As wildfires dominate the news, experts suggest some of the best ways you can help the planet and combat climate change.
Huge amounts of plastic and food waste end up in landfill or incinerated. Some airlines are trying to tackle the problem, but it's complicated.
It's littering the bottom of the ocean and poisoning animals, plastic waste was truly everywhere in 2019.