High atmospheric temperatures are causing profound and rapid changes around the Bering Strait -- the pace of which has startled scientists.
The U.S., EU, and 23 other countries will decide next month whether to protect the "heart of the world's ocean."
“I know we’re going to find something that no one’s ever seen before,” said the expedition’s chief scientist.
Here's what scientists recorded 7 miles beneath the surface of the ocean.
This morning the decision was made to abandon the U.S.-Canadian GEOTRACES cross-over station due to rough weather.
Life at sea is a lot like middle school summer camp and it's not just the bunk beds and cafeteria style dining -- it's living with a collection of characters, working together, and learning to rely on each other.
Living conditions outside the cozy confines of our ship are harsh at best, but amazingly we've had a number of wildlife encounters over the past two weeks.