Oil Spills

Twenty-one beaches on the Pacific coast of Peru were contaminated.
Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the proposed regulation in a state where 2 million people already live near an oil well.
Investigators believe a 1,200-foot ship dragging anchor in rough seas pulled the pipeline across the seafloor, months before the leak spread to the Southern California coast.
“The oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach is an environmental disaster," Attorney General Rob Bonta said.
Beaches in Huntington Beach will reopen after water quality tests revealed no detectable levels of oil-associated toxins in the ocean water.
At least 126,000 gallons of crude spilled into the waters off Orange County a week ago.
"We need to grow up, grow out of this dependency, this mindset that we can’t do more," Democrat Gavin Newsom said.
The pipeline’s owner alerted authorities about the oil spill off Huntington Beach Saturday. The first reports of a sheen and foul smell were called in Friday.
The oil created a miles-wide sheen in the ocean and washed ashore in sticky, black globules along with dead birds and fish.
An offshore oil spill deposited tons of tar across Israel's coastline in what officials are calling one of the country’s worst ecological disasters.
The massive march was sparked by outrage over the government's slow response to the island nation's worst environmental disaster in years.
Thousands of civilian volunteers have worked for days to try to minimize damage to protected marine wetlands polluted by the spilled fuel.
Locals are donning hazmat suits and trying to clean up the oil spill after the MV Wakashio struck a coral reef and ran aground.
An estimated 1 ton of oil has already escaped into the Indian Ocean after a Japanese ship ran aground off the island's southeast coast.
Thousands of tons of diesel leaked into waterways in a major accident at a power plant in Siberia.
Nearly a million gallons of oil spilled at an Equinor storage terminal during the Category 5 hurricane. The cleanup is ongoing.
Environmentalists blast Trump for "contempt" for law and the planet.
More than 660 tons of oil remains aboard the Hong Kong-flagged ship, which is continuing to leak.
Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson commended the 50th anniversary of the Santa Barbara oil spill by introducing legislation aimed at preventing another such disaster.
An estimated 150 million gallons of oil is believed to have leaked from Taylor Energy's damaged Gulf Coast platform.