Oil Spills

The slick is drifting toward Grenada and entered the island nation's territorial waters this week.
A pipeline operator has put a damaged section in Kansas back into service, a little more than three weeks after a spill dumped 14,000 barrels of crude oil into a creek.
Largest onshore crude pipeline spill in nine years in rural Kansas creek raises questions about operation of Keystone pipeline by Canada company TC Energy.
People could smell the oil in the nearby town, witnesses reported. "It was like driving by a refinery," said one.
The 2015 spill was the worst in the state since 1969, and spewed more than 140,000 gallons of crude that fouled beaches, and killed seabirds, seals and fish.
Busted pipeline poured more than 50,000 gallons of crude into Montana's Yellowstone River.
Twenty-one beaches on the Pacific coast of Peru were contaminated.
Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the proposed regulation in a state where 2 million people already live near an oil well.
Investigators believe a 1,200-foot ship dragging anchor in rough seas pulled the pipeline across the seafloor, months before the leak spread to the Southern California coast.
“The oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach is an environmental disaster," Attorney General Rob Bonta said.