Online Privacy

When it comes to keeping your kids safe online, parental controls aren't your best bet. Here's what actually helps.
When it's possible that your insurance premiums could go up based on how often you're using a fast food app, it's time to think twice.
The company will be forced to strengthen privacy safeguards for children who use the Xbox system.
If you do this on your work computer, you might want to stop ASAP.
Anyone in the U.S. who has had a Facebook account at any time since May 24, 2007, can apply for their share of a $725 million privacy settlement.
Period apps carry sensitive information that can be used against you by police. And there are other digital risks, too.
“No one should be forced to submit to facial recognition as a condition of accessing essential government services," said Sen. Ron Wyden.
Some limited uses for Facebook's facial recognition software will remain, however.
Economic collapse and cuts to social services, not predators in white vans, are putting children at risk.
“I will be calling on Australians to do it, frankly, as a matter of national service," the country's prime minister said of the effort to rein in the coronavirus.