Online Privacy

Economic collapse and cuts to social services, not predators in white vans, are putting children at risk.
“I will be calling on Australians to do it, frankly, as a matter of national service," the country's prime minister said of the effort to rein in the coronavirus.
“You cannot sell the privacy of the people of your country down the river,” Pelosi said.
The California Consumer Privacy Act is attempting to rewrite the rules of the internet.
Facebook took a full year to reply to an initial subpoena, a court filing said.
The lawsuit says the social media platform unlawfully stores people’s biometric data, pointing to its “tag suggestions” feature for photos.
Democrats in Congress are threatening to take action after the FTC reportedly voted on a $5 billion penalty for Facebook's privacy violations.
Facebook has been under scrutiny for privacy violations.
There's almost nothing you can do to get a fake sex tape of yourself taken offline.
Ninety-two percent of American children have an online presence before the age of two, thanks to their moms or dads.