Our Connected Future

Enterprise 4.0 is the next evolution of business. If you consider that there have been four stages of business where innovation
We are likely to enter an economic era with far fewer jobs than before. A 2013 Oxford study highlighted that 47% of U.S. jobs
With the coming of artificial intelligence, we are going to repeat that revolution. Instead of merely harnessing 250 virtual
More questions:​ Product Design: How do you know if you've got a great product or design? Apple: What are the best stories
You go along life either with some sort of intention or simply drifting with the tide. How do you plan for your future? Well, the answer is not just to look at where you want to be, but rather - who do I need to become, to live the life I always wanted. What kind of qualities, emotions and experiences would I like have on my journey?
Most important, I believe, in "working the verb that is love," is rigorous, continuing education regarding the needs of the
Though we lost touch over the years, we would find ourselves on a CNN special together on the future around 2008 where we
For the last three years, I've told your classmates that yours is the most important generation in human history, that you stand as the bridge between the adolescence and the potential for the adulthood of humanity.
How fast does your personal technology allow you to move through life? Most of us have mastered the art of simultaneously operating multiple screens. We texting while watch our DVR'ed shows. We're on the phone as we browse the web.
There are places where one can pick fights with Kelly. For example, he declares that, "Possession is not as important as
Now that many technologies in vehicles are digital, rather than mechanical, parts can be created faster, modified with precise data feedback, and updated more quickly in order to more closely track consumer demand.
Often when one thinks of movers and shakers at the forefront of business innovation, the image that comes to mind is of a man, and usually a Caucasian man at that. Yet we also know that innovation is often an outgrowth of diversity.
Taiwanese company, FoxConn, has almost fully-automated production lines...and this is where robots could disrupt the current
And then I started to read more speculations and the proposition became less desirable with every word. Why you ask? Well
MiniGrid: So what do you get when you combine nanogrids? Doesn't take too much of a leap in imagination to see what a minigrid
Job-related stress is causing companies hundreds of billions of dollars each year. According to one study, 78 percent of workers put their stress levels at medium to very high, and some of them have missed a day of work (31 percent) or even quit their jobs (40 percent) because of it.
3. As the sheer presence of so many Heads of State inspired all, country delegations also worked long hours in right spirit
Parents doing last minute holiday shopping with a fussy toddler are grateful for the seemingly magical effect of pulling
The predictive enterprise, attunes itself to the massive data universe with tools to sense, listen, enable and anticipate. This is a massive shift in the behavior and strategy of business.
It was crazy to think there was a time that it had been called the smart home. She could not remember when the clever marketing sleight of hand happened and it had become the 'Connected Home'. She was living in it now though. It had become almost jarring in its normalcy.