Suneel Gupta touts his record as a job creator in Michigan but not the time he hired overseas workers.
Despite what he said in the State of the Union address, the president hasn't delivered on promised fixes to trade and outsourcing.
There is no upside to being on the sidelines of this debate.
Giant corporations, loyal to coin and faithless to country, staged a public display of blubbering in the run up to this week’s
A majority of U.S. job loss is the result of an increase in automated workers. One California lawmaker says that if robots are doing the work, they should pay their taxes.
Eviane Cheng Leidig, University of Oslo In his latest border-closing move, US President Donald Trump issued an April 18 executive
As expected, the war on science and the environment is underway. The president’s proposed budget is the starting point of
In opposing Trump, we must not slip into defending neoliberalism.
Since the election, I’ve engaged in countless conversations with friends and family about Trump’s presidency. Generally, they
Lack of Care Do you care about your social media followers? I do. Perhaps, some people wonder how is it possible to care
Find a Mentor or Coach. There are times in our lives when we can all benefit from a more direct, one-on-one relationship
Image credit: PhotoDune Running a business is demanding and, even with the best employees, you can't do it all. Seasonal
One of the biggest ironies about Donald Trump's Presidential campaign is his pledge to bring back jobs that have been outsourced to other countries--the major driver behind his support from blue-collar workers.
Outsourcing closer to home than India or the Philippines in order to have more business being handled on (or around) the same timezone is a good way to take a leap into delegating work that you shouldn't be doing anyhow.
Ultimately, it will be up to each of us to choose where outsourced workers are located. You have to make the best choices for your personal ethics and what's best for your business. But if you're ready, here're a few thoughts to help you get started.