Certain types of tuna, salmon and cod are overfished and not sustainable. Here's a list of bycatch and less popular fish you should eat instead.
China’s annual catch is estimated at some 15 million tons.
Our agricultural runoff, oil rigs, plastic, fish-glut, and noises are killing the ocean.
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Better traceability in a notoriously opaque seafood industry could save our oceans, experts say.
At Oceana, we fight for national policies in key countries around the world. We win key victories for the oceans that stop overfishing, reduce bycatch, limit pollution, preserve habitat and protect wildlife.
The sooner we change the way we treat our Blue Planet the greater chance we have to safeguard key habitats and species, along
I was a child of the early 1980s. Looking back, perhaps with a certain ethereal fondness, it seemed like life was simpler, values were different, people were more in tune with their surroundings; and certainly, more in-tune with each other (no cell phones here!).
Greenlanders have experienced some of the good and much of the bad of such “imperial” investment.
How lionfish, which is native to the Indo-Pacific region, ended up in the Atlantic Ocean isn't certain, but the species' presence