Paul Krugman

"Trump’s willingness to trade deaths for jobs and political gain has backfired," the Nobel prize-winning economist argued in a New York Times editorial.
A new deal to slash oil output will benefit Trump's campaign contributors and "favorite autocrats" in Saudi Arabia and Russia, the economist points out.
“In 2020 we’re relearning the lessons of 2008 — namely, that America’s right-wingers can’t handle the truth," warned Paul Krugman.
Paul Krugman predicted in his New York Times column that the Republican hypocrisy could seal Donald Trump's 2020 reelection.
The president "talks loudly but carries a small stick, and can be rolled," the Nobel Prize-winning economist wrote on Twitter.
“Don’t pretend to be shocked," the Nobel Prize-winning economist wrote in a column for The New York Times.
The president launches a wild new tirade against the media.
“All that talk about liberal ‘snowflakes’ is projection,” explained the Nobel Prize-winning economist.
The Nobel Prize-winning economist also said Trump surrounds himself with people of "extraordinarily low quality."
Congresswoman calls Ed Rollins a "walking argument" for a 100 percent tax on misogyny.