Paul Krugman

The “prospects don’t look good,” the economist warned in his New York Times column.
"Today we learned Elon Musk is capable of pulling out of something," IGN's Mark Medina wrote. "There’s a first for everything."
"Republicans who clearly know better ... reliably swallow their misgivings and go along with the party line," the economist wrote in The New York Times.
"Many people, myself included, have declared for years that the GOP is no longer a normal political party," the economist wrote in his New York Times column.
Donald Trump promised huge results from the corporate tax windfall. Instead, tax revenues fell as businesses used the savings to buy back their own stock.
Muslims, Sikhs and others targeted by hate after the Sept. 11 attacks were quick to call out the columnist's privilege.
“This is something that was thrown together by somebody who has paid no attention to how these things actually work."
"This is where we’ve gotten to," the noted economist told CNN's Don Lemon.
“A lot more Americans are going to die,” warned the economist.
"Trump’s willingness to trade deaths for jobs and political gain has backfired," the Nobel prize-winning economist argued in a New York Times editorial.