Peace Corps

The 7,300 volunteers face lost stipends, housing and health benefits amid a pandemic and economic crisis.
Six years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had just finished graduate school three weeks earlier and was preparing to
We embrace our differences as strengths rather than weaknesses and urge our government and fellow citizens to join us in
LB: Being an actress means immersion into another state of mind, and/or a different cultural and social framework. And certainly
But, Mujerave is many things. Mujerave is a relationship that started about ten years ago, back in the trenches with Peace
This is why we need to expand our engagement with the rest of the world, just as the vision of the Peace Corps demands. We must deepen our commitment to diversity and service; we must strengthen our commitment to education; and we must elect leaders who demand that we aim to meet these goals, not ones who deride them.
While it's clearly not a fit for everyone, one example of the boom in encore careers is the rising incidence of people 50-plus joining the Peace Corps.
Peter Laugharn (pronounced LAW-harn) serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Peter is a passionate leader with 25 years of foundation and nonprofit experience internationally, with a focus on improving the well-being of vulnerable children.
In Argentina, I discovered my host family lived in the back of a garage in a poor suburb of Buenos Aires, but I was not afraid
My 18-year-old daughter is college-bound this week. It's my turn to get caught in the glaring lights of late adolescence -- the ones that illuminate the unfinished business of the previous generations.