Global supermarket chain Carrefour will stop selling items like Lay's potato chips, Quaker Oats and Pepsi in its stores in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy.
The beverage and snack corporation is accused of ignoring its single-use plastic waste, which dominates trash that’s been found in and along the Buffalo River.
The Queen of Pop had a cheeky response to finally seeing her ’80s ad resurface during the MTV VMAs.
The supermodel quenches her thirst once again in a new music video for "One Margarita," which is among this summer's biggest TikTok hits.
“Sorry, buddy. You just gave yourself away. No one’s favorite drink is Diet Pepsi,” the "Late Night" host said.
After intense scrutiny, McDonald's is the latest company to announce it will temporarily close its restaurants and pause operations in Russia.
Many palm oil fruit workers in Indonesia and neighboring Malaysia endure exploitation, including child labor. The oil is in many products worldwide.
The Black Lives Matter and anti-police brutality protests have revived jokes about the reality star's 2017 commercial.
The branding effort left a bad taste in many people's mouths and Pepsi agreed. The poster has been taken down.
She earned her doctorate with a dissertation titled: “Black names in white classrooms: Teacher behaviors and student perceptions.”