The Trump administration refused to take the chemical off the market, ignoring the recommendation of Environmental Protection Agency scientists.
From supporting farmers to citizen science, communities are working to protect these vital pollinators.
The Environmental Protection Agency recently approved the use of a bee-killing insecticide on millions of acres of farmland.
Environmentalists slam the Trump administration's "reckless" move as honeybee colonies collapse.
Here's the dirt on whether you really need to wash your produce (or use a special soap) and why it matters.
The risk of pesticides to the health of consumers is disputed but there is another group of people already seeing severe impacts.
For pregnant women, there is no safe level of exposure to organophosphate pesticides.
The annual list scares us into buying organic produce, but are non-organic fruits and vegetables really that bad?
“Hawaii is showing the Trump administration that the states will stand up for our kids, even when Washington will not.”
“Together they will influence markets all over the world on a scale we’ve never seen before.”
If regulators remove the age restrictions, minors could work with pesticides that aren't even sold to the general public because of how toxic they are.
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The EU has had a moratorium on the use of neonicotinoids since 2014 after lab research pointed to potential risks for bees.
A leading organization of pediatricians warned in June that the continued use of chlorpyrifos "puts all children at risk."
The American Academy of Pediatrics says the agency "has no basis" to continue allowing brain-damaging chlorpyrifos on crops.
“The Trump administration is not above the law — and we will not let them put our kids at risk."