U.S. health advisers are backing the continued use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill Paxlovid, saying it remains an important option for adults at high risk of severe illness.
A new study suggests vaccinating pregnant women protects their newborns from the common but scary respiratory virus called RSV.
Moderna is accusing its rivals of copying Moderna’s technology in order to make their own vaccine.
Can you get one if you recently had omicron? How long will it give you immunity? Experts explain the latest on the Pfizer and Moderna bivalent shots.
Pfizer’s says its COVID-19 vaccine was 73% effective in protecting children younger than 5 as omicron spread in the spring.
Pfizer has asked U.S. regulators to authorize its combination COVID-19 vaccine that adds protection against the newest omicron relatives.
Both Pfizer and Moderna have reportedly told the White House they can deliver doses of a new booster with updated formulations.
FDA: COVID Shots Approved For Kids Under 5
Shots could be in toddlers’ arms soon, pending approval from the CDC.
The review by federal health officials was a key step toward a long-awaited decision to begin vaccinating the youngest American children.