Blood from vaccinated subjects neutralized lab-created pseudo-viruses that mimicked the variant, a preliminary study found.
Read this if you're concerned about future coronavirus strains and if they'll affect the Pfizer or Moderna shots.
From unfounded concerns about severe reactions to confusion over how the vaccine actually works, misinformation is swirling.
The results from the preliminary study are "reassuring," said Pfizer's chief scientific officer.
The approval is part of a global effort to ensure coronavirus shots do not go only to wealthy nations.
Public health experts say more options in addition to the two vaccines now being dispensed are critical to amassing enough shots for the country.
The drugmakers said that they expect to deliver all the doses by July 31 in the nearly $2 billion deal.
The president-elect chose to televise receiving the Pfizer shot in order to encourage Americans to get vaccinated against the deadly virus.
Read this info about the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus shots before you panic about the possibility of a severe allergic response.
Pfizer's shots were the first to be distributed in the U.S., kicking off the nation's biggest vaccination drive.