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Resumes, of course, still matter. (And lying on them, as recently departed Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson learned the hard way
"Cake Daddy" "Facebook will be very successful -- as long as management continues to take the big risks." Warren Brown Founder
So what advice do they have for all the eager job seekers out there? We asked our Board of Directors to pull back the curtain
For better or worse -- and there are cases to be made for both -- the world is indeed becoming flatter and more interconnected
Jennifer Hill Startup Advisory and Venture Lawyer, Gunderson Dettmer LLP "The Advocate" "The biggest thing I learned was
Eric Ryan Co-Founder and Chief Brand Architect, Method "The Soap Guy" "Only good things can come from reducing the deficit
The presidency, of course, is as much a 24-7 job as they come, and even while "on vacation," the president continually receives
Bob Parsons Founder and CEO, The Go Daddy Group "The Renegade" "I think about how important to our safety and well being
As the bombshell news about Steve Jobs' resignation broke on Wednesday night, it's fitting that millions around the world
Lexy Funk Co-Founder and CEO, Brooklyn Industries "The Contrarian" "Ideally, Twitter is Haiku poetry. In reality, it is most