“Equality can’t wait, and no one in a position to act should either," the philanthropist wrote on Wednesday.
Award-winning actor and philanthropist George Clooney just turned 58. Take a look back at his brutally honest moments.
Multiple women who worked for the prominent philanthropist, a co-founder of the nonprofit Birthright Israel, say he asked them for sex.
The record gift aims to open the "door of opportunity" for lower- and middle-income students.
The 38-year-old philanthropist didn't hold back in her interview with The Guardian.
Supporting a good cause doesn't have to mean supporting the system that caused the problem in the first place.
"When people are struggling so much just to afford their homes, they’re suffering in a multitude of ways."
The new nonprofit champions victims of what’s called the “rainforest Chernobyl.”
What I learned from making a documentary about the digital divide in America.
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Chance The Rapper lands on Fortune's 40 Under 40 list, but it’s just another beat in his successful world.
As part of an initiative through the Little Princess Trust, these young girls are donating their hair to cancer patients in need.
#TheGiveBack is real. He's also giving free cuts to kids with good grades.