Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell is creating a scholarship for women, refugees and minorities to study physics.
The sci-fi franchise's third installment had the potential to rattle Hollywood. Too bad it won't.
The United States is still more than a decade behind Japan in rolling out earthquake alerts, experts say.
“It just takes a small amount of ice to make roads and sidewalks a skating rink,” a meteorologist warned.
Meteorology professor John Gyakum has stopped using the phrase he helped coin in 1980. Still, he has high hopes for its newfound popularity.
Despite the fact that I have spent more than a decade of holidays without my late-husband and son, every single year I find
Rain associated with the lethal storm was at least 15 percent stronger, thanks to our warming world.
The airline said it would not alter its flight routes in the region despite the suspected sighting.
Grief can be debilitating -- especially this time of the year.
By Christiane Manzella, PhD Last night, like many “This is Us” fans, we at the Seleni Institute were anticipating a heart