The dwarf planet was reclassified once before in 2006.
The campaign also wants the moon to be categorized as a type of planet.
Time to come clean. "No, but it's easier for me to think you're joking than to think you believe something that's not true
So, what did it take to fly by Pluto? First it took a dreamer, Alan Stern--the lead investigator of the team that designed
The ocean is likely a slushy one, hiding beneath Pluto's heart-shaped central plain.
From its giant icy heart to its mountain ranges, there’s a lot to (virtually) explore on the dwarf planet.
Over time, the heart might actually have a "beat."
When I was a kid, Pluto was a planet. Of course, when I was a kid our map of the solar system was very immature. Astronomers knew of nine round planets that went around the Sun, and Pluto was one of them. But Pluto was always the oddball.
With the headset on, I could look behind me to see a huge Jupiter as we passed from pole to pole, and in front of me I could see the spacecraft, eventually seeing through the protective titanium vault to see the individual experiments' electronics.
For centuries though we have wondered if there could be a tenth planet out beyond Pluto. Well, the debate was actually settled back in 2005 when a tenth planet, (or ninth if you don't believe Pluto is a planet), was indeed found.
Now all we need is a spaceship and some skis.