Manatees are dying in America’s most biologically diverse waterway because of pollution.
A diver’s video of a swim off the coast of Bali is exposing the shocking epidemic of ocean pollution in Indonesia and around the world.
We shouldn't battle pollution because our good air will just "decide" to go to China, the Trump-backed Georgian told supporters, drawing massive blowback.
Cities that responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in February saw noticeable decreases in air pollution according to a study by Marc Cadotte, a professor with the University of Toronto Scarborough.
Long-term exposure to high radon levels can cause lung cancer. These at-home testing kits and fans might be able to prevent it.
With only a cursory review, the agency shut the door on studying or cleaning up old toxic waste barrels that litter the seafloor at active drilling sites.
Much of the ammonium nitrate has been consumed by flames, but some threat still remains, officials said.
Beaches from Rancho Palos Verdes to Long Beach were shuttered after the 8.5 million gallon sewage spill.
The retail giant is accused of illegally dumping pollutants into the state's landfills. The company has settled lawsuits over similar allegations in the past.
European climate subsidies funnel billions to wood-burning power plants that harvest trees from the U.S. South. The industry is taking a toll locally and globally.