The video, which has drawn a blistering response across social media, shows people emptying trash cans full of plastic cups and snack bags into the water.
The beverage and snack corporation is accused of ignoring its single-use plastic waste, which dominates trash that’s been found in and along the Buffalo River.
Breathing easy in this latest disaster comes at a steep price – and at a moment when the cost of everything else is soaring.
Even short-term exposure to bad air poses major risks to your respiratory health.
It’s the second decision in as many years in which a conservative majority of the court narrowed the reach of environmental regulations.
If you want to help the planet, you might want to take stock of your household products.
If you grill with charcoal, you especially need to listen up.
A diver’s video of a swim off the coast of Bali is exposing the shocking epidemic of ocean pollution in Indonesia and around the world.
We shouldn't battle pollution because our good air will just "decide" to go to China, the Trump-backed Georgian told supporters, drawing massive blowback.
Long-term exposure to high radon levels can cause lung cancer. These at-home testing kits and fans might be able to prevent it.