What makes the smoke from these fires dangerous are particles too small for the naked eye to see that can be breathed in and cause respiratory problems.
Republican lawmakers slashed funding for agencies that should be testing water for PFAS, studying health impacts, removing contamination and suing polluters.
Businesses that have paid a collective $52 million in penalties for environmental offenses received up to $32 million in PPP money.
Massachusetts Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey called the agency's actions "extremely troubling."
Coronavirus lockdowns may have temporarily cleaned West Oakland's air, but the pandemic also threatens to take away the funding to keep it that way.
The global lockdowns put in place to combat the coronavirus have also been dramatically reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
A coastal town in England achieved "plastic free" accreditation in 2017, since then over 100 other communities have done the same.
Kids learn what's normal from us. But now there's no normal.
The EPA is expected to sign off on four new chemicals in the PFAS family, even as concerns mount about their devastating health effects.
Planes do dump jet fuel in emergency landings, but this one flew at low altitude over a populated area, affecting nearly 60 children and adults.