Omar’s bill would fund guaranteed income pilots in hundreds of communities, then launch a national program to send $1,200 monthly to people making up to $75,000 a year.
The website for non-tax-filers to sign up for the child tax credit has been plagued with accessibility issues. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon wants to know why.
Millions of parents will soon receive monthly payments worth as much as $300 per child. It's already going a long way.
A badly designed government website stands between America's poorest families and much-needed monthly checks.
The expanded child tax credit won’t reach people who don’t file tax returns.
The military’s judicial system has no explicit category for hate crimes, making it difficult to quantify crimes motivated by prejudice.
Reaching the poorest American families will require a massive outreach operation.
The guaranteed income program follows in the footsteps of Stockton’s, which found recipients had better mental health and got full-time jobs at higher rates.
“We haven’t seen a shift like this since FDR,” one policy expert said.
The American Rescue Plan transforms a sleepy tax credit into a child allowance for the vast majority of families.