Project Zero

Project Zero is an ongoing series to raise awareness around neglected tropical diseases and efforts to fight them. At least 18 of these diseases affect more than 1 billion people worldwide -- but they're not on the public's radar.

In rural Ethiopia, something in the soil can trigger a deforming disease.
Early cases of the virus were different from those today.
At least 3,000 children have a baffling seizure disorder. For many, it's a reminder of the years of brutal unrest.
An estimated 12 million Americans have a disease linked to extreme poverty.
Climate change is partly to blame, but it’s not the whole story.
Over 1 billion of the world's poorest people have at least one of these illnesses.
Thousands of kids have nodding syndrome. No one's sure how they got it, or how to cure them.
Trachoma, easily treatable, blinds thousands of the world's poorest every year.
Thousands across the U.S. are believed to live in unsanitary conditions.