National Mill Dog Rescue claims to be a savior for dogs in desperate need of help. A HuffPost investigation shows that is not always the case.
Questionable practices inside the high-profile nonprofit National Mill Dog Rescue are not what most people expect "rescuing" to be.
Detectives in San Juan County, New Mexico, charged Martha Crouch with child abuse.
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Advice from dog experts Brian Hare, Patricia McConnell, Corey Cohen and Cesar Millan.
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"Congrats to the momma dog," the staff of Arizona's Kingman Animal Hospital wrote.
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She slammed the Chihuahua-stuffed backpack into tables and benches, witnesses said.
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A 4-year-old dog was found alive, hiding in an outside oven, after deadly wildfires scorched his home.
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Seven-week-old Toffee fell into a fissure in a backyard in Huntsville, Alabama.