Real Estate

Tensions were high in a New York City courtroom as former President Donald Trump took the stand in his civil fraud trial.
The former president has been found guilty of fraud after overstating the value of his real estate properties. Now, the legal battle could prove to be very expensive.
"Any time a millennial is trying to explain this to a boomer, they use the same example..."
Mounting legal troubles against the social media phenomenon have not stopped him from continuing to promote questionable business ventures to his millions of followers.
The breadth of information that criminals can gather from your real estate listing is staggering.
Zell was born in Highland Park, Ill., on Sept. 28, 1941, four months after his immigrant parents arrived in the United States.
Lee Quinones and Charlie Ahearn join HuffPost Live to take a look at 30 years of 'Wild Style.'
The cheeky listing described the "dining room where telekinesis is no longer practiced during meals" and “the most beautiful cast iron urinal” in town.
A pair of university professors "whitewashed" their home, and its value suddenly skyrocketed.
The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is no 'eye-saur' and is listed at $162,000 on Zillow.