The Recession

Just 9% of Democrats hope the economy tanks, but a plurality of Americans are expecting a recession.
President Trump doesn't believe a recession is coming, but economists disagree.
A fascism expert points out this was also a message used by former dictator Benito Mussolini.
The White House seems worried that looking worried about the economy will worry people.
Larry Kudlow and Pete Navarro took to the airwaves to assure the American public that there will be no recession even after a glum week for the stock market.
More economists now have a grim outlook for the U.S. economy, according to a new report.
An economic downturn would be a devastating blow to Trump, who made the economy his central argument for a second term.
One Twitter user asked the president: "Why is it when the economy is doing well it’s because of you, and when it is tanking, it is because of someone else?"
The Massachusetts Democrat and 2020 candidate, who correctly predicted the 2008 financial crisis, says she has a plan for a similar crash that could come soon.
Robert Reich warned, "you could easily find the American economy in a recession, certainly before the election."
Here's how to prepare for the inevitable economic downturn.
A possible government shutdown is one of many factors driving down the stock market.
Good employers keep a watchful eye on their workers--and they often look for things we don't think about.
Money is what makes the modern economy operate. A country can hold it to inflate the value of its currency, or spread it
My outlook for 2017 and beyond is that the U.S. economy will likely see another recession.
The Trump administration will clearly not be able to implement every legislative initiative it may wish to pursue - even
Steven Pressman, Colorado State University and Wesley Widmaier, Griffith University However, Mexico's economy has been a
The number of very-long-term jobless remains historically high.
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