The Recession

Republican lawmakers may balk at providing extra unemployment insurance benefits.
Republicans dismissed the positive third-quarter GDP report after treating the first two negative quarters as gospel.
"Is the abortion issue important? Yes. But we have also got to focus on the struggles of working people to put food on their table," the senator said.
September’s slightly more moderate pace of hiring may be welcomed by the Fed, which has been trying to tame high inflation without causing a recession.
Kristalina Georgieva, the IMF's managing director, said the Russian invasion of Ukraine has dramatically changed the institution's projections on the economy.
Powell spoke more candidly than before about the economic risks of hiking interest rates in order to reduce inflation.
States are cutting back, and Congress is unlikely to step in even after the pandemic exposed the unemployment system's shortcomings.
“Do you know what’s worse than high prices and a strong economy? It is high prices and millions of people out of work," the senator said of the Fed's impending hike.
“There are more people working than at any point in American history,” Biden said of the new report, adding it signals recovery from pandemic job losses.
There are different ways of evaluating whether the economy is good or bad without making up new definitions of recession.