Red Cross

“A person needs lifesaving blood every two seconds in our country," one official said.
Many are hesitant to become a donor, but there may be some surprising perks that could benefit your body and mind.
The attack killed over 50 POWs and wounded another 75, but it is not clear who launched it.
GoFundMe sites, the United Way and the Red Cross are among the ways to channel your generosity.
“I’ve been in the fire service for over 30 years, and I’m horrified at what I’ve seen," said Cal Fire public information officer Jerry Fernandez.
Some families have returned to find nothing but ashes.
As a shooting survivor, I have an intimate view on victim support after a mass shooting.
A week after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, millions of residents are still in need of aid.
Most people believe doctors and nurses have a special obligation to protect patients even if it means endangering themselves.